AFSP Association of Fire & Safety Professionals
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Annual Membership dues are $100.  This will cover the initial costs of the organization.

Please fill out the Membership Application below and then mail a check for $100.00 payable to AFSP c/o Don Dawkins to 1239 Little Vine Church Road, Bremen, GA  30110.

Several years ago, AFSP was a small but strong Association.  The membership was long supportive and dedicated.  We agreed that one Association would be in the best interest of everyone.  I led the membership into merging with the FSCA Association to form the GA Association.  My role was that of a Special Advisor.  Further, there was several meetings with GAFSED in an attempt to have only one Association that would serve everyone in this industry.  I was given a copy of GAFSED's Charter and By Laws in order to make necessary changes so that the one associaton would be able to serve everyone's needs.  When a new version was submitted to the GAFSED leadership, a meeting was called.  GAFSED's leadership walked away and later, the new Rules & Regulations were adopted and GSAFE's union fell by the wayside.  I strongly believe that a second Association was necessary.  I have updated the version of the Charter and By Laws to remove the compromises and have posted it HERE for your review.  I sincerely hope that you consider joining.  The form for registration is posted HERE.  Once complete, just mail with your check to the address above.

Thank you for your genuine support!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me direct at (770)  537-6680.

Thank you!

Don Dawkins
President of AFSP